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09 november 2021

Het verhaal van Dit project

As a professional athlete with different hobbies as a DJ or as a fashion addict Leor came to live.

Being an athlete and going to training everyday made me think a lot about my outfits, ‘’I don’t want to go overdressed, but I still want to look presentable and comfortable.’’ I thought about mixing my sports and my style with an athleisure x streetwear brand that is comfortable yet presentable. I want to be able to do a little work-out, grab a cup of coffee on the go and still be presentable and comfortable.

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Bakje koffie doen? Afspraak maken

Wil je gewoon even praten over hoe ik te werk ga of heb jij een geweldig idee waar je mijn hulp bij nodig hebt? Een bakje koffie kan nooit kwaad.

Bakkie koffie