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26 maart 2018

Het verhaal van Dit project

Founded in 2017, CAVALIER AMSTERDAM is a jewelry and accessories brand which is focused on creating high-end bracelets for men with luxurious aesthetics. With these pieces of jewelry we strife to add refinement and style to the attire of the modern gentleman. This is our core identity.

We at CAVALIER AMSTERDAM see all our customers as CAVALIERS: men with honor, style, refinement and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

We aim to empower the inner cavalier of each man by utilizing high quality materials with rich history like semi-precious stones, sterling silver and gold. Semi-precious stones have been used by many tribes around the world for centuries now and have somewhat of a mythological character.

Ancient civilizations believed that wearing these stones was beneficial for health, spiritual well-being, diversion of danger, aided to achieve clarity and gave courage to achieve great things in life.

As entrepreneurs we greatly value the previously mentioned characteristics and wish nothing but the best for our customers. That is why all our bracelets are handcrafted and engineered to ensure a unique and contemporary piece just for you!

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